Logistics Administrative Assistant

Brazilian Bodies LLC is hiring a Logistics administrative assistant to our office in Summerville, SC.

Job duties:
Manage stock entry and leave of the brand’s products;
Manage the daily schedule for all incoming and outgoing deliveries;
Prepare a weekly schedule defining how the brand’s products should be used;
Prepare weekly product consumption reports;
Assure the brand’s products consumption is within the expected average;
Monitor shipments and deliveries in the five states served by the brand;
Participate in meetings (conducted in English and Portuguese) to inform sales performance and use of the brand’s products;
Report any conflicts of quantities or consumption of the brand’s products below or above the average;
Perform administrative functions as requested by the central office;
Manage incoming and outgoing loads;
Create, analyze and manage complex database on Excel;
Provide frequent communication with the brand’s products’ distributor;
Ensure adequate inventory control and quality of the products received from the brand’s distributor;
Prepare inventory classification reports to present to the brand’s spas’ owners and franchisees;
Analyze sales performance and consumption of products by the brand’s spas and franchisees.

Full time.

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