1Today and Now Policy
We pride ourselves in always being available for our clients. So anytime a client calls, we try our best to fit the client in the same day and as soon as possible. When a client walks in, we will always have time to service the client, in a case that we are fully booked, we kindly let the client know the exact time when she could be seen.
2Client Late Policy
If you are running late, please give us a call to let us know. We will do our best to squeeze you in when we have an opening.
3Sales Tax Policy
All locations use sales tax for products sold.
4Discount Policy
Please refer to the discount codes list to be able to give the client a discount for a certain reason. Please always make a note on the client's profile as to why the discount was given so no questions are raised. We do not offer double discounts, one discount per client. Percentage discounts should be used on the highest priced service or product. Discounts only apply to services and products, NOT loyalty programs.
5Refund Policy
At this moment, we do not perform refunds in the form of cash or card, only gift card. In a case that a client has been charged incorrectly, then we will refund the money to client.
6Product Refund Policy
Clients may receive a full refund in the form of a gift card from the original store of purchase for any products returned with an original receipt within 30 days. To be eligible for a refund in form of a gift card, product must be in new, unused condition. Client must leave product at the original store (only if it is unused), spa must send a product return form and client will be contacted by corporate within 24 to 48 hours. If product has been opened or it has been more than 30 days, do not accept products and corporate will still contact the client within 24 to 48 hours.
7Touch Up Policy
We offer a 7-day performance policy on all our services. If we failed to give the ultimate experience than we will gladly touch up any service or redo any service at the original store of service within 7 days at no charge. If we are closed for a holiday during those 7 days, do not worry because It will not count! Note: The touch up will have to be performed by the original Skin Specialist unless the client prefers to see someone else.
8Service Refund Policy
At this moment, we do not offer a service refund. However, if we failed at giving the ultimate experience we will gladly offer a touch up at no charge. Anytime there is a question please do not hesitate in sending an email to corporate with any concerns.
9Loyalty Program Refund Policy
Should a client decide to cancel a loyalty program anytime, the original store of purchase will charge the client full price for visits already used and deduct from what has already been paid. Any credit left will be issued in a gift card.
10Loyalty Program Transfer Policy
Should a client decide to change the loyalty program to another service, that is no problem! The original store of purchase will charge the full price for visits already used and deduct from what has already been paid. If there is any remaining balance, a gift card will be issued and the client will purchase the new loyalty program using that gift card. However, loyalty programs cannot be transferred from one client to another, no exceptions. Also, If a client has a Bikini Line Wax loyalty program and decides to receive a Brazilian Wax service, loyalty program cannot be used for the Brazilian Wax service, or vice versa. Client cannot pay the difference from one service to another. Client must pay the full amount for any service that is not covered under hers/his loyalty program.
11Smoking Policy
No smoking of any kind, including vapor cigs, are allowed inside any of the spas.
12Referral Policy
We have a great referral program, every time a client refers a friend, both clients receives 500 points which is $5 off any service or product. Points are not to be accumulated and used. Points are only to be used in increments of 500 which translates to $5 off.
13Cancellation Policy
If a client is having to cancel their appointment, we do not charge any fees, nor do we take a visit away from the loyalty program. We simply ask for you to call at least a day ahead to reschedule or to cancel the appointment.
14Children Policy
For safety, children may only be permitted inside the room if they are able to sit quietly or If they are strapped in a stroller. If at any time the skin specialist feel that the child may be in danger, the service may be stopped and rescheduled for a better time.
15Video Policy
Clients and/or Employees are not permitted to take any videos or pictures inside the rooms. The Skin Specialist may end services and ask the client to stop filming or taking videos. Even if the Skin Specialist is okay with the client taking pictures and/or taking videos, it is still not permitted.
16One Client One Skin Specialist Policy
Only one client and one Skin Specialist are allowed inside the room during a service. No trainees, friends or family members can be inside of the room. This is to ensure the Skin Specialist has enough time to talk and create a relationship with the client. If the client is underage, the guardian may go inside the room, if the client permits.
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