Our Services
Face Services
Face full includes forehead, cheeks, nose, lip upper and lower, sideburns and chin!
Shape your brows! Get the brows that fit your face naturally by following your brow bone!
From the elbow down to your wrist and fingers.
Upper lip hair removal.
Lower lip hair removal.
Inside the nose.
On and in the ear.
Remove that peach fuzz!
Sides of face below the hair line.
4 fingers above eyebrows.
Nape Area behind the neck.
Body Services
Remove hair from the top of your arm all the way down to your wrist.
From the elbow to the top of your arm.
From the elbow down to your wrist and fingers.
Just what you see outside of this bathing suit.
Remove hair from the full front and butt strip.
Add this on to any bikini service for right outside of the bikini line.
From your bikini line down to your ankle.
From your bikini line down to your knee.
From your knee down to your ankle and your toes.
Your whole foot x2.
Full hand including fingers.
From toe knuckles to the top.
From the knuckle to your finger tips.
Armpit hair.
Armpit hair.
The line leading to your bikini area.
Under the chest, stopping at bikini line.
Just around the nipples.
Full chest area from shoulder, to shoulder.
From top of shoulders all the way down to the low back.
Shoulder area.
Middle of back.
Lower back area.
knee area.
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